Bespoke Interior Design

An Interior design project is the most elaborate service that I offer and it usually consists of:

  • on site visits;
  • concept moodboards;
  • remodeling plans;
  • furnishings plans;
  • finishes moodboards;
  • stereotomy plans;
  • furnishings moodboards;
  • accessories moodboards;
  • shopping lists;
  • shopping accompanying;
  • project management;
  • budgeting etc.
There is no standard recipe when designing a home, it all depends on what stage the renovation is on for example, if it has been done some previous work or we just start from scratch, if there are some furniture pieces that the owners previously picked, if we can make space partition changes or not and so on. Every project it’s unique and has to be treated accordingly. My main concern goes into understanding my clients needs and lifestyle and doing my best that at the end, it really feels like a home, like their home, it really represents them and address the every needs they might have from that space.
I also offer general guidance and consultancy sessions, such as visits to properties  you wish to purchase for a general evaluation of the potential of the property from interior design and decoration perspective. You can also use this service for  a project that you decided to work on by yourself but you need a professional review on.

Let's Design Your Dream Home!