Event Design

Either it’s your wedding day, your baby’s shower, your birthday, anniversary or any other personal or corporate event, we’re going to make sure it fully represents you and your personality, and be sure your guests will be amazed by the overall look and also by the perfect detail touches. We can start working with your ideas for that special event in your life and make sure we transform them into a cohesive concept, or we can create the entire concept from scratch.

How do we work:

1. We get to know each other

We discuss your vision about the event and make sure we fully understand both what you want and don’t want. We listen to your ideas, give you suggestions when needed and overall we get to know each other because this will be important for our future collaboration.

2. Creating the concept

We will create concept moodboards that incorporates our vision about your event, how will it look and feel, we’ll tell you every decor item we want to use for your event and we discuss all the ideas and details with you in order to make sure we’re on the same page and you’re happy with the overall concept and also with the details.

3. Doing our magic

Now it’s time for you to relax, or at least stop worrying about the event decor and all that details, it’s our job now to do our magic and implement all the ideas discussed so that everything will be perfect.

4. The big day

When the big day arrives, we’ll bring all the decor pieces, decorate the venue and make it look perfect for the event. Enjoy 🙂

Let's Design Your Event!