Daniela Matei

I’m Daniela, the designer behind “Let’s design your dreams”, an expat in Costa del Sol, Spain moved here with my fiance to follow our dream of living our life as a holiday, or at least feeling like we’re on holiday after work hours, which I’m sure many of you can relate to.
Let’s design your dreams started out of my passion for interior design and decorations and it stands for my mission of creating spaces that respond fully to both your needs and personality.
In this idea, I stand by the idea that our home, even if it’s permanent, vacation home or just a temporary rental, it’s the place where we should feel the most comfortable and relaxed, it’s the place that represents our personality and our way of living, it’s the place that should look like our dreams…and it should make us feel like we are living the dream.
I believe that beyond the practical issues that arise in every home, like the storage needs for sports equipment, or the need of a fully equipped kitchen fitted in a tiny space, or the need of accommodating 2 kids in a small bedroom…beyond all that I truly believe that the same if not even more importance should be accorded to how we feel when we are at home and how that space can be comfortable, representative for each person that lives there, and practical at the same time. In my opinion, our “at home happiness” is in the little things, for example sitting on a window nook with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate on a Sunday afternoon, or cuddling on the sofa with your loved one while watching the chimney fire, or a board-game night with your friends…or whatever means for you comfort relaxation and overall, the space should represent each and every person that lives in that space. This kind of details are the one that I rely on the most when I work on an interior design project…my client’s needs from the space combined with what makes them comfortable and happy.